Corporate team building, adventures, and public events in New York City, Florida, and San Francisco



Activity Level: Moderate to Active


Timing: 2-3 hours


Group Size: teams of 2-5 people


Venue: Outdoors (But can be altered to mall or museum)

POGO’s Amazing Scavenger Hunts are an exciting way of seeing the city in a new way, meeting new people, and having bucket loads of fun along the way. Armed with a smart phone, sharp ingenuity, high levels of energy, and all-important team spirit; contestants race around the city searching for clues to the finish line.

Whether it is a corporate team building event, a bachelorette party, a bar crawl, a child’s or adult’s birthday, a doggy day out, or anything in between, we’ve done it all. Personalization is key – you tell us all about the occasion, and we will custom everything from the clues to the prizes and the location exactly to your requirements.


How it works

• Discover Your City: Your team is given clues to various places around the city that you need to find and complete a task.

• Photo Scavenger Hunt: Teams take photos with things like “a hot dog vendor”, “a woman wearing red heels” or “a bride”

• Roadblock: This is a task that one person on the team must perform. It is usually a physical challenge like Dance Dance Revolution, Bowling or Wiffle Ball.

• Detour: This is a choice between two tasks. It is usually something mental like a puzzle or a Sudoku.


For personalized hunts

  • Friends and family are sent a questionnaire to find out all the fun details and make the race all about the guest of honor
  • The race is 2 or 3 hours long and can start and end wherever and whenever you would like.

Plan this for your corporate team

Want to bring this event to your workplace or friend group? We'll help you plan a private event.

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great planning of Johnny’s Birthday Race. Everyone was raving about the awesome time they had! The clues were so fun and definitely all about Johnny.
— Jennifer, Birthday Race
We laughed throughout the day and our friend honestly couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she was having. When the race ended, several of the participants asked for information about other hunts from Pogo Events! As the organizer, it was such an easy and fun way to plan an unforgettable event. I know we’ll be talking about our day for a long time.
— Bhavi, Bachelorette Race