Custom Events

Amazing Scavenger Hunt

Whether it is a bachelorette party, a bar crawl, a child’s or adult’s birthday, a doggy day out, or anything in between, we’ll give your team clues to various places around the city that you need to find and complete a task.


Board game battle

Think you are a master of Board Games?  Here is your chance to prove it in the ultimate smackdown of Board Game dominance.


Jukebox bingo

Listen up! No really, listen… because things are about to get musical! Jukebox Bingo is a brand new version of an old favorite — it’s Bingo, but where traditional numbers are replaced by popular songs! 


Murder Mystery

Create your very own murder mystery event!  We will write it to be customized to any theme you would like and then coordinate and host it for your group in the venue of your choosing. 


Break the code

Think of Break the Code as a “portable” Escape the Room where your team works together to solve a variety of puzzles to “Break the Code”. The first team to finish wins.



POGOlympics recreates the Olympics for your team building experience by including key elements including Opening Ceremonies, head to head competitions and a Medal Ceremony.


Minute to win it

Teams work together to compete in a variety of one minute silly challenges including Cookie Face, Stack Attack and Junk in the Trunk.

"Dream It and Theme It" Party Game Experience

You dream it. We theme it. Your friends and family team it! Get ready to compete in a series of four different interactive games (Jukebox Bingo, Picture This, Flashback, and This/That*) around your theme.