POGO Events


Warwick is upstate New York and is a beautiful, quaint town. It is right on the New York/New Jersey border. It is about an hour and a half from NYC, an hour from Central New Jersey and two and half hours from Philadelphia by car.
There will be a board game library with all types of games (card games, party games, strategy games, word games, deck building, etc.) PLUS we will be hosting group games throughout the day (bingo, trivia, Pictionary, Charades, etc.) AND there will be puzzles for those who want to play alone. And there will be raffles and a scavenger hunt!
It is $50 per person if you buy tickets before 10/21, $60 per person after 10/21 and $75 per person at the door. It includes all the games and activities throughout the event.
Bingo cards, raffles and any food will have a fee.
YES! You will be given an arm band so you can go into Warwick and enjoy the town.
YES and it’s FREE!
YES! This event is for anyone who likes to PLAY!