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Jukebox Bingo


Activity Level: Relaxed


Timing: 2 hours


Group Size: any size


Venue: Indoors (local bar or in your company space)

Jukebox Bingo is a brand new version of an old favorite – it’s bingo, but where traditional numbers are replaced by popular songs!  Combined with mini game-show style competitions involving music trivia and karaoke, the end result is a healthy dose of musical mayhem, proving that bingo isn’t just for little old ladies anymore!  THIS is “Bingo with a Beat!”  So whether you grew up listening to 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CDs, or mp3s, this game’s got your groove!

How it works

The game consists of three rounds of music-themed Bingo, plus four separate game-show style challenges (Random Fandom Moments) thrown into the mix at various times.  Participants are each given a number before the event begins – hold onto it, because that number just may end up earning you extra advantages or prizes!

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