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Murder Mystery


Activity Level: Relaxed


Timing: 1.5 hours


Group Size: 10-30 people


Venue: Indoors (local bar or in your company space)

POGO Events can create your very own murder mystery event!  We then coordinate and host it for your group at the venue of your choosing.  Perfect for a creative group!

How it works

Choose from one of our pre-planned themes or have us create an original mystery for you.  Your point person will be given sealed character backstories to assign to all of your participants.  Some will be Primary Characters and some will be Secondary Characters.  Primary Characters will turn out to be the suspects, as well as one will end up the victim, and one the murderer!  Which characters these are will only be revealed to those who receive the character packet designating them as such.  

Game play begins with players mingling to share and discover pertinent information about theirs and everyone else’s characters.  About 40 minutes in, the murder occurs!  At this time our coordinator will announce who all of the suspects are.  For the next 30 minutes participants will mingle again, using what they already know to uncover even more information.  Then, our coordinator will call the suspects up and audience interrogation will begin – at the end of which, participants vote on who they believe the killer to be.  After the votes are cast, the coordinator reveals who the killer is and what their motivation was!  All participants who had correctly identified the killer win a prize!

Plan this for your corporate team

Want to bring this event to your workplace or friend group? We'll help you plan a private event.