Corporate Team Building

POGO Events customizes each outing to suit your organization’s corporate culture. We’ve helped tons of businesses and inter-office departments, even international partners and colleagues, get to know each other better by inviting them into our wild world of adventure! We guarantee that you will come away from this experience seeing and knowing your cohorts in an entirely different light! 

What an amazing corporate team building event! As a Human Resources executive for an ad agency, I’m always looking at creative ways to build community for my organization that would resonate with employees. I first participated personally in some of Pogo’s races and had an incredible time. I approached Pogo to create an event for a summer internship program a couple of years back. We used it as a way to set the stage for the interns as they prepared for a team-based assignment and it turned out great. Last year, when I needed an innovative idea for our annual summer outing, Pogo worked with me to develop a customized program that incorporated company history, information about our clients, and their signature NY style. Initially our leadership team was skeptical about having almost 100 employees running around NYC in the hot summer sun, but it resulted in the most memorable event our company has ever had. The only downside: finding something this year that will even come close.
— Eric M. Bacolas, SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources
I just wanted to thank you for everything you both did to make sure our afternoon adventure last Friday was a success. And based on the laughing and stories in the office today, it definitely was! Everyone had a great time, and Kori, you were an excellent guide! Thank you!! I’ll definitely be suggesting Pogo events to friends!!
— Kasey Freer, Hudson Americas

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